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Here are a few quick notes on my style of making quilts.  Rule number 1 is that there are no rules.  There are some methods that work for me and some that donít.  Iím open to any new or different ideas you may have.  If I donít feel something will work, Iíll tell you and weíll come up with a different plan.  If you have some specific preferences concerning colors, fabric choices, patterns, etc, let me know.  Iím not a mind reader, so if you donít tell me something, Iíll take it as I have a free hand in that area.  Just because you may have seen a quilt I did and like it, donít assume Iíll do something exactly the same another time  Please explore the different varieties.


Double-sided; Back View; Queen Size; Red BordersCheater's Quilts





Star of the East