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While this is a new page to my web site, I have been making these types of quilts for almost as long as I have been in business.

Many of these quilts are made from the same patterns as the other quilts that you will find pictures of on this site. There is just one difference. The fabric that these quilts are made with is from the clothes of either someone who has passed on or from the clothes that someone has outgrown or no longer wears. In the cases of someone who has passed, the quilt(s) are keepsakes for loved ones. Or they can be memories of a child who’s grown up or of a particular time in someone’s life. Sometimes there isn’t clothing available and the same thing can be accomplished by transferring pictures onto fabric.

A lot of these quilts are t-shirt quilts. Many of them are made using very traditional patchwork and appliqué quilt patterns. Some of the patterns were adapted to fit the particular pile of clothing that I had to work with. As many of you who have worked with me before know, rule #1 around here is that there are no rules! While not everything is possible with every pile of clothing, just ask!

While I have been making “Memory/Memorial” quilts for a long time, there was an impetus to adding this page. A few years ago I took a class taught by a local psychic. Ever since I got to the mediumship part of the class, it’s become pretty common for me to “pick up” the person whose clothes I’ve been working with. Sometimes I get just enough to know that they are here. Sometimes they get right up in my face, so to speak. The number of these quilts I have been getting in the last couple of years has gone way up. It’s just confirmation for me that I’m on the right path.

So enjoy these pictures. There are some very interesting stories behind a lot of them.


t-shirt quilt, large center square made from college stadium blanket (queen)    t-shirt quilt  w/2 layer outside border (bunk)    t-shirt quilt w/several squares made from woven shirts (full)    “around the world” patchwork quilt w/center transfer picture (bunk)    “sunbonnet sue” appliqué pattern made from young girl’s clothing; made for gift as a teen (queen)   t-shirt quilt made from smaller squares (twin)   “4-patch” squares (twin)    “shades” patchwork pattern (full)  appliqued baby clothes (queen)  “around the world” patchwork pattern using picture transfers (bunk)  memory quilt; each square represented a family member of the deceased. (queen)  This quilt is tied because embellishments on some of the blouses made it impossible to sew over. Queen size

“diagonal checkerboard” w/center made from appliquéd patches from golf caps (queen)      smaller squares from woven shirts w/2 layer outer border (bunk)  t-shirt quilt w/transfer pictures (twin)    “around the world (full)   “crazy quilt” (queen)  50th wedding anniversary quilt including transfer pictures (custom size)  “diagonal 9-patch” (full)   t-shirt quilt w/o inner borders (bunk)    family animal transfer picture quilt (bunk)  6” squares made from mostly jeans-twin size  Center squares made from boxers; the rest of the quilt is cut up PJ’s. Queen size    6” squares made from woven shirts; ties appliquéd over. Bunk size

Around the World from woven shirts; full size            Large squares of dress shirt fronts; full size    Quilt built around skirt center; bunk size    Around the World made from scrubs; queen size            This was a first! Memory quilt made from the clothing and pictures of Sherman, the Golden Retriever. Queen size.    Crazy quilt made from jeans and woven shirts; queen size    9-patch squares made from woven shirts; twin size    Another first! Quilt made from boxers! (made as a gift for the deceased’s future grandson) bunk size      Made from Army cammys and t-shirts; queen size    Appliquéd Dance costumes; twin size    Large hearts appliquéd onto patchwork quilt; queen size