My Competitors



It may seem a bit odd to have a “Competitor’s Page” on my web site, but I’ll explain. Over the last few years, since I started doing T-shirt quilts, I have met a few of my competitors. Usually, it’s because they have come to expos in this area. In addition, I have seen the work of a few others. There are a few thing I have learned that I’d like to point out to those of you who are comparison shopping.

First of all, check actual measurements. To give an example: one quilter used common terms for his sizes, but what was called a “king” was smaller than my full. (My sizes are basically standard top sheet measurements.)

Check to see what method is used to actually put the quilt together. The two most common ways are “quilting” and “tieing”.

“Quilting” can be done by hand or by machine. There are still a lot of hand-quilters out there. This is very time consuming and therefore much more costly. While I admire beautiful hand work, I don’t have the patience. The quilting stitches, whether hand or machine sewn need to be done no more than a few inches apart throughout the entire quilt to be durable, that is to stand up to reasonable use. Otherwise, you will start to see some sagging, especially after washing. I have seen T-shirt quilts that have been quilted only on the main seam lines between the shirts. There was no internal quilting on the shirts at all.

“Tieing” (sometimes called “tuffing”) is when a large hand needle is used with yarn, floss, or even ribbon to “tie” the layers of the quilts together with knots. This is a much more rustic look. (It’s also a lot faster than even machine quilting. Until I started experimenting with machine quilting when I started my business all my quilts were tied.) Like quilting, though, the knots need to be tied fairly close together or you will have the same sag problem. I’ve seen this method used by t-shirt quilters, also. I saw one in particular who only tied in the corner of each t-shirt square.

Finally, of course, you need to compare price. That really speaks for itself. Most the competition I’ve seen, have prices that are over twice what mine are. I just wanted you to know what to look for. I feel I have the best quality at the best price.